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ThingWorx and Telenor Connexion launch collaboration to accelerate introduction of innovative connected business solutions

ThingWorx and Telenor Connexion launch collaboration to accelerate introduction of innovative connected business solutions. The two companies offer complementary technology platforms.

offer complementary technology platforms

ThingWorx, a PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) business and
leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, and Telenor Connexion, a leading
enabler of connected business solutions, today
announced a new collaboration designed to make it simpler and quicker for
companies to realize the promise of a smart, connected world. The two companies
see this as the start of a long-term alliance that will accelerate the
introduction of innovative new connected business solutions and services.

ThingWorx and Telenor
Connexion share a common vision for how connectivity can transform a company’s
value proposition by enhancing the entire solution deployment lifecycle – from
design to operation to service. As a result, the two companies have kicked off
a series of joint activities in areas related to product development, marketing,
and sales designed to collaboratively meet fast-growing market demand.

For its part, Telenor
Connexion established its Cloud Connect platform to make it easier for
companies to get onboard the connected world by helping out in the design and
development of the solutions and to handle operations over time. The company is
building up an expansive partner network to support the deployment of sensor
technology, the capture and communication of machine, device and sensor data to
the cloud, and the creation of applications for visualization and management of
that same data.

“Telenor Connexion prides
itself on having the key building blocks to decrease time to market, and we
work with the best partners for customer specific development,” said Per
Simonsen, CEO, Telenor Connexion. “By working with ThingWorx, we are leveraging
the ThingWorx® industry-leading application development platform to drive
innovation and meet the broad market opportunity before us.”

ThingWorx offers an
innovative platform for rapidly developing and deploying applications that
realize the opportunity and value presented by the Internet of Things economy.
ThingWorx’s simplified and unified approach to IoT applications enables
companies to iteratively innovate business processes significantly faster than
conventional methods and tools, thus accelerating time to value, reducing cost
and risk, and transforming how products, people, and systems connect and

“For companies seeking to
deploy smart, connected solutions today, their technology choices are disparate
and disconnected,” said Russ Fadel, president and general manager, ThingWorx.
“We’re pleased to be working with Telenor to help integrate a complete,
end-to-end solution that provides an easy entry point for companies that want
to realize the full value potential of adding connectivity to their product and
service offerings.”

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