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Telenor Connexion design, implement and operate Internet of Things solutions fitting to customers’ current and future needs. We connect things, machines, people and places through a global IoT system with more than 400 mobile networks.

We have a strong foundation in being part of one of the worlds’ largest mobile operator groups while at the same time being a dedicated, agile and specialized IoT unit, acting as the global center of excellence of IoT within Telenor.

Today we are in fact one of the fastest growing international Managed M2M service providers.

Today, we see a rapid movement from selling products to selling services with a focus on user experience. Most industries are already facing this transition. We would like to help solve your challenges in the digital world. Let’s get connected! Mats Lundqvist CEO,
Telenor Connexion

Trusted IoT solutions from one of the world's major mobile operators

The Telenor Connexion team are the IoT specialists within the Telenor Group

Founded 1855, Telenor Group is today one of the world’s major mobile operators and one of the top 500 global companies by market value. With mobile operations in 13 markets, Telenor Group has a strong footprint in Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe, and Asia. In Asia, Telenor serves more than 214 million customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Our 30,000 plus employees are committed to responsible business conduct and being our customers’ favourite partner in digital life. Connecting the world has been Telenor’s domain for more than 160 years, and we are driven by a singular vision to empower societies.

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400+ mobile networks in more than 200 countries

We were an early pioneer in the industry and together with global companies such as Volvo, Scania, Hitachi, Securitas and Husqvarna we have designed and deployed innovative IoT solutions across the globe. Shaped by our Scandinavian heritage our headquarters and tech center is located in Sweden, with regional offices in the UK, Germany, US and Japan.

We have access to over 400 high quality mobile networks in more than 200 countries and are able to offer a multi operator solution with both local and geographical redundancy. This ensures top class network and service performance as well as high cost efficiency.

We have a strong solutions portfolio with scalable, reliable and secure end-to-end solutions, and an adaptable business model allowing customer needs for coverage, quality and price to be addressed also over time. Our teams engage early in the strategic process of our customers IoT projects and follow them through the whole journey, with a strong customer service and partner organization.

We strive to be the leading IoT solution enabler to international companies in need of a dedicated, strategic partner with long experience in global operations.

IoT for your industry


As connected vehicles are advancing rapidly, the entire transport ecosystem is being transformed. From in-car apps and services to entirely new Mobility-as-a-Service business models, the road ahead is full of possibilities. Explore our IoT solutions for the automotive industry.


As mobile technology advances with time, Volvo has continually found new ways of connecting owners with their cars. This began with Volvo On Call (VOC), a groundbreaking app that enables remote checks and control of the Volvo car along with a host of other remote functionalities.

Additionally, VOC is an integrated emergency and roadside assistance service. VOC also makes it possible to connect the car to the internet over 3G / 4G mobile broadband. This converts the car into a WiFi hotspot that can be accessed by everyone in the car.

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Industrial Manufacturing

With IoT business solutions, manufacturers have the power not only to improve and automate production, but expand their value chain with Product as a Service business models that connect directly with consumers. Explore our IoT solutions for industrial manufacturing.


Italian-based Carpigiani is a market-leader in the manufacture of machines for gourmet gelato. They manufacture over 10,000 gelato machines each year, and exported around the world to customers ranging from small ice cream shops to multinational fast-food brands.

Factors like heavy usage and hygiene require recurrent maintenance and costly downtime. Via an after-sales service system called Teorema, which monitors actual usage, Carpigiani is helping customers optimize maintenance.

Telenor Connexion provided Carpigiani with a global IoT solution using a global SIM. This solution enables Carpigiani to standardize their production, and add services to their products, regardless of where they are sold or used.

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Transportation & logistics

Streamline the global supply chain with a connected ecosystem of vehicles, containers and freight. Explore our IoT solutions for transportation and logistics.

Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi Construction Machinery was one of the first manufacturers in the world to connect heavy machinery. Hitachi Construction Machinery’s connected equipment gathers comprehensive data on on location and operation to provide contractors with a diverse range of value-adding service options.

Connected machinery helps contractors improve processes including maintenance, operational support and security. Real-time data improves the safety of construction workers via alerts that help prevent accidents and costly downtime.

Based on a 2G/3G (GSM) SIM embedded in a M2M module this solution is provided solely by Telenor Connexion across more than 110 countries.

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Utilities & smart metering

IoT is transforming the utilities industry, from smart meters that share valuable data and create direct contact with customers, to smart grids that manage energy production and distribution more efficiently. Explore our IoT solutions for utilities & smart metering.


Exibea created the concept behind Eliq, an interactive system designed to encourage smarter energy usage. The aim of Eliq is to lower costs for consumers, while reducing stress on the power grid. To turn the concept into reality, Exibea approached Telenor Connexion to supply both hardware integration and engineering support.

Eliq collects real-time data from electricity meters via a sensor designed by Telenor Connexion. Using our cloud solution, that data is collected and shared with customers in a user-friendly app, which we also helped design. The end-user gets a clear visualisation of their usage, along with tips to optimize their energy consumption. Today, Eliq is helping utility operators to increase profit and customer satisfaction, while balancing demand on the grid.

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Whitepaper: Why industrial manufacturing needs IoT

IoT is poised for massive growth in industrial manufacturing as organisations commit to the technology and the advantages it can provide. Lean production, new services and consumer loyalty – explore the future of IoT and industrial manufacturing.

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Your IoT project is in good hands with us

An experienced, specialized and global IoT supplier

  • Over 20 years of M2M/IoT experience
  • Proven track record of global IoT projects in diverse industry fields – high installed base of complex international deployments
  • Specialized and dedicated IoT unit within one of the worlds’ biggest mobile operator with strong focus on customer experience and flexibility

Top class service and support

  • Highly acclaimed 24/7/365 service desk for first-line support - based in Sweden
  • 100% focus on IoT ensures capability of solving IoT problems within the company

IoT solutions developed for customer needs

  • Access to 400+ top class global mobile networks in over 200 countries
  • True multi network connectivity solutions with tailored profiles for each customer need
  • Secure, scalable IoT solutions that integrate into our customer sales, production and delivery flows
  • Easy eco system integration via friendly APIs for easy IT-integration into other systems, Cloud ready SIM solutions, Tailored solutions for different customer profiles
  • Cellular connectivity solutions offering excellent coverage, reliability and speed of deployment – enabling pre-integration of solution

Our IoT Offering

We have a strong solutions portfolio with scalable, reliable and secure end-to-end solutions, and an adaptable business model allowing customer needs for coverage, quality and price to be addressed also over time. Our teams engage early in the strategic process of our customers IoT projects and follow them through the whole journey, with a strong customer service organization and partner organization.

Managed IoT Cloud

Managed IoT Cloud is a secure cloud platform for device and data management that generates valuable and useful insights about your connected products. It provides the building blocks you need to connect your product, collect and store all product data, and extract value and insights from that data.

It includes a self-service tool and a customizable application to get you kick-started and when your digital service starts to grow, Managed IoT Cloud scales with you, globally.

Managed IoT Cloud enables you to focus on your connected product and its user experience, while we take care of the underlying technology infrastructure.

Managed IoT Cloud in summary

  • Shorten time to market by leveraging a proven and reliable end-to-end solution.
  • Reduce risk and cost by selecting a scalable and secure service instead of building and operating your own infrastructure.
  • Keep focus on customer experience and business development rather than technology.

Managed Connectivity

Our Managed Connectivity enable you to successfully launch, manage, and monetize your IoT products and devices. Seamlessly roll-out around the world with our standardized Global SIM. Once up and running, automated delivery and management makes operation and optimisation of your IoT solution easy and intuitive.

Global SIM is a core part of the Managed Connectivity solution. Global SIM cards are designed to withstand the high demands set by industrial IoT products. Our SIM cards are adapted to current standards and regulations; this makes the end product marketable and usable worldwide. The software and hardware aspects of the SIM card is specified in a SIM specification. Standard SIM specification has a default configuration and cannot be customized; Customized SIM specification is fully customizable in all areas (such as type of SIM card, artwork, SIM profile).

Managed Connectivity in summary

  • A fully secure, scalable, multi-network cellular solution
  • A connectivity solution-as-a-service
  • Access to 400+ global mobile networks
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Utilities IoT

Global SIM – global coverage with one single SIM for all markets

Our global SIM customers will have one single SIM card to use seamlessly for all 200+ markets. Each customer will have its own customized profile and settings built into the SIM subscription configuration, tailored to meet its needs for different geographies, application domains or price plans. This has been our core offering since the beginning and with a high installed base of international deployments we know how to help our customers to get it right from the start.

Telenor ARTS

Via our cloud-based network analytics tool ARTS (Advanced Real-time Analytics tool) customers get access to real-time insights into the performance of their IoT devices and networks based on big data analytics. RTS collects and analyzes big data streams and provides you with actionable and detailed insights. With ARTS you can predict network issues, create automated alarms, and identify new market opportunities.

As a result customers can get a deep understanding  of how the IoT devices perform in the network and even predict issues before they occur.

Key Benefits of ARTS

Operational excellence

  • Measures the quality of service across the globe
  • Predicts issues in the networks and automatically prescribes solutions

Proactive support to customers

  • Saves time and money with quickest support routines (from hours to minutes)
  • Automated alarms for peace of mind

New opportunities through analysis of Big Data

  • Saves time and money with quickest support routines (from hours to minutes)
  • Automated alarms for peace of mind
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Customer Service

24/7 Service desk
The Telenor Connexion Service Desk is manned 24/7/365. The team consists of hand-picked M2M and IoT experts, who constantly optimize systems and proactively solve issues before they arise.
Self Service
Control and manage your subscription base from a self service portal, or through integration directly to our APIs to your own IS/IT system. Every Telenor Connexion Customer gains access to a web-based Self Service Portal that gives a complete overview and control of their IoT Solution. The Self Service Portal includes SIM Management tools, real-time traffic surveillance, alert functions, historical statistics and diagnostic tools.
Service Level Agreement
Our heritage from the cellular operator world early placed strong focus on Service Level Agreements (SLA) – to guarantee certain high levels of quality for customers.

IoT design and project management

More than just technology, integration of connectivity into a device requires a combination of expertise, insight and skill. Based on our experience operating complex projects around the globe, we have developed a well-tested process for building IoT solutions.

Together with our partner network, we provide an end-to-end solution, from concept and design to monetization and operation over time. To find the solution that works best for you, our experts provide insight and guidance from day one, beginning with the basic question – why should your business be connected?

IoT Service specialists

Test Lab

The IoT Test Lab is specialized in analyzing the functionality of the IoT devices and products. In the IoT Test Lab, professionals test the customer´s product in a controlled environment to ensure reliable behavior when launched. It is important to detect possible malfunctions in hardware and software combinations early to eliminate any problems at the launch. After testing, the customer will receive a detailed test report.

Our Test Labs offer different possibilities to test your product, device and application and are located in Karlskrona and Gothenburg in Sweden.

IoT Knowledge Hub

Explore more IoT resources on our IoT Knowledge Hub including IoT reports, white papers and the IoT Readiness Test!

Explore more on the Knowledge Hub

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