Telenor Connexion Nordics

Our team based in Stockholm supports the Nordics.

Connect with us! Please mail to [email protected] or choose a direct contact from the list below.

Office Stockholm

+46 8 400 035 00 (Business hours 08:00-17:00)
Garvis Carlssons gata 3, 169 51 Solna, Sweden

Please get in touch with:

Peter Thurner
Regional Sales Manager
+46 734 417 489
[email protected]

Office Gothenburg

+46 8 400 035 00
Krokslätts Fabriker 30, Box 174, 43122 Mölndal, Sweden

Please get in touch with:

Arvin Farati
Regional Sales Manager
+46 708 708225

[email protected]

You can find information in Swedish on our Swedish web page.

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