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Telenor Connexion first in the Nordic region to provide an end-to-end solution for companies that want a quick, simple way to connect their products

Telenor Connexion is first in the Nordic region to launch an end-to-end solution, Telenor Cloud Connect, for companies that want to bring connected products and services to the market quickly and easily.

connected products produce an enhanced customer experience, at the same time
making companies both more competitive and more efficient. Telenor Cloud
Connect is an end-to-end solution to help companies get started quickly.

We live in an increasingly
connected world. It’s not just our mobile phones, tablet PCs and computers that
are connected – electricity meters, fridges, cars, properties, even entire
cities are now being connected at an ever-increasing rate.

Telenor Connexion is first in
the Nordic region to launch an end-to-end solution, Telenor Cloud Connect, for
companies that want to bring connected products and services to the market
quickly and easily.

By offering smart products,
not only do the companies themselves become more cost-efficient and
competitive, customers also receive a smarter service and a better customer

Working together with its partners, Telenor Connexion takes care
of all the complexity and helps companies from beginning to end. This involves
not only integration of the communication hardware and application development
to capture and analyze data, but also development of the visual interface in
the form of a mobile application. The cloud-based solution has access to around
400 mobile networks all over the world in order to support global product
launches. It also supports other open standards and communication technologies
in order to further optimize the solution.

One company that recently
launched a range of connected services using Cloud Connect is Regin. The
Swedish-owned group of companies markets a range of products and systems for building
automation in more than 70 markets all around the world. The company’s aim is
to make properties all over the world more energy-efficient by means of optimizing,
for example, heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

“Regin is viewed as one of
the trend-setters in the market, and we’re constantly trying to develop and
improve our products. There’s really tough competition in the international
market, so our value-adding services are an increasingly important element of
our offering,” says Stefan Blom, Sales Director at Regin.

“We want to make it easier
for our customers to make good use of real-time data from our systems in order
to better optimize their energy consumption,” continues Stefan Blom.

Regin chose to work with
Telenor Connexion as the company was able to cover the whole chain from
hardware integration to application development and operation. Telenor
Connexion also has extensive experience of supporting business-critical systems
that are launched on an international level. The partnership is a strategic one
in which the connected services will be further developed on an ongoing basis.

“It’s been difficult for
companies to move into the connected world. With Telenor Cloud Connect, we make
it easy for companies to get started and to quickly join the market. In
addition to solution design and operation, we work together with the customer
to identify how we can capture important data, e.g. operating status, and to
transform this into usable insights for better commercial decisions and to
enhance the customer experience. Often in real time,” says Per Simonsen, CEO at
Telenor Connexion.

“Being able to offer smart
products and services will in the future be one of the most important
competitive advantages. Companies that don’t make the move into the connected
world will inevitably fall behind,” continues Simonsen.

Telenor Connexions’
experience of connecting products and services goes back as far as 1999. The
company’s customers include Volvo, Nissan, Scania, Securitas and Hitachi.

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