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Want to find a partner – or maybe partner with us? Explore who we partner with, why we value our partners and how you can join us.
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The power of partnership

We work with specialised experts in the IoT value chain to find new solutions and reach new breakthroughs. Through open collaboration, we inspire one another to continually innovate – together we’re stronger!

Become a partner

Telenor Connexion works together with a wide partner ecosystem including hardware suppliers and IT integrators. Find out how you can partner with us.
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Find a partner

Depending on your specific challenges and needs, we build a well-rounded team of experts to augment our core solution. Search our ecosystem to find a partner that meets your needs.
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Cloud ready hardware

Shorten your rollout time and reduce complexity by choosing hardware from our partner catalogue of best-in-class IoT hardware.
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Ask an IoT expert

Are you ready to get started with IoT? Or maybe you need to improve your existing connected offerings? Contact us to find out how we can help.
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