Overview: Mobile solutions for digital signage

From DOOH to POS, digital displays are a smart way to connect with customers. With global connectivity, displays get even smarter.

Without mobile connectivity, digital displays can't reach their full potential

Displays are becoming evermore popular for digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, in-store ads, point of sale (POS) and wayfinding systems. But without mobile connectivity, digital displays are not reaching its full potential.

With the simple addition of SIM cards, digital signage can achieve so much more. Integrating displays with SIMs makes it possible to monitor and maintain digital signage from anywhere. With a fixed IP address and a VPN, screens can connect to mobile networks as easily and securely as a smartphone.

Trends in digital signage

– Global market grow of 30-40% annually
– Growing demand for large volume, global installations
– Big interest in interactive touch screen solutions across industries
– Mobile phones can connect with screens for customer interaction
– Real time data analytics can track biometrics, age and gender
– More installation outsourcing to 3rd party service integrators
– Standardized solutions provide better cost control 

Connect signage no matter the location

Digital displays have traditionally connected to the Internet via the end user’s LAN or fixed broadband connection. This can be tricky in retail shops and public buildings, but nearly impossible in locations like subways stations and street corners. Displays with a fixed IP SIM card can be placed anywhere in the world where mobile network coverage exists.


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An easier way to update content

Digital networks now provide high bandwidth connectivity to a nearly unlimited number of phones and connected devices. With mobile connectivity, high resolution content can now be delivered to local media players from one central content management system (CMS). But this doesn’t require much data usage, the display’s connection is idle most of the time. Local media players can be updated as-needed, just like downloading a movie.

Digital displays join the IoT

With the Telenor Connexion solution, network performance and status of screens is always verifiable. Technology to track the effectiveness of content and customize for specific viewers is advancing everyday. Digital displays have the potential to interact with the IoT much more than they do today, and to collect valuable data that can be shared in the cloud.

In our whitepaper on Why Digital Signage needs IoT, we explore how the Telenor Connexion Global SIM solution allows signage integrators to connect to their displays around the globe with just one point of contact for billing and service.

Download the paper: Why Digital Signage needs IoT

What Telenor Connexion provides

More than just technology, integration of connectivity into a device requires a combination of expertise, insight and skill. Based on our experience operating complex projects around the globe, we have developed a well-tested process for building IoT solutions.

From pre-integrating SIMs into hardware to integrating legacy technology, Telenor Connexion can help you with your digital display solutions. Learn more about our offering.