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Shorten your rollout time and reduce complexity by choosing hardware from our partner catalogue of best-in-class IoT hardware.

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The Telenor Connexion Cloud Ready program provides our customers with a catalogue of devices from preferred partners. By choosing from this list of readily available (typically off-the-shelf) devices, you can quickly get started with the Telenor Connexion Managed IoT Cloud (MIC) platform.

The Telenor Connexion Cloud Ready catalogue includes devices from several partner vendors. Each designed for specific applications and industries, these devices can be connected to MIC in a matter of hours, and professional services for relevant applications are available through our solution partners.

An IoT solution design and sourcing process usually involves evaluating several individual solution components, while also attending to the requirements on the overall integrated solution. By using a Cloud Ready device, customers can shorten lead times, reduce complexity and mitigate the risks related to starting the process from scratch.

Note: All IoT devices that can communicate with the MQTT protocol over TLS encryption are compatible with Telenor Connexion Managed IoT Cloud.

Telenor Connexion Cloud Ready catalogue


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Smart Edge Compute Unit – SBC-C23-GW

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