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Your cloud-based IoT platform and application tool box – compatible with every type of connectivity technology.
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Your cloud-based IoT platform

Managed IoT Cloud is an off-the-shelf IoT platform that allows you to take a shortcut to success with connected products. Rather than building a platform from scratch, our customers can take an idea to reality in just a few weeks.

Managed IoT Cloud not only collects and stores the data from your connected devices, it gives you the tools to turn data into business value. The core components are intuitive and easy to use, and our enterprise and developer friendly APIs make it easy to build customised apps and interfaces for your company and your customers.

With Managed IoT Cloud you can

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Your complete package of managed IoT services

Combined with our global Managed Connectivity services, Managed IoT Cloud provides everything you need to successfully deploy and manage connected products around the world.

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With Managed IoT Cloud, you can get your connected products up and running quickly. We manage the technical aspects of IoT connectivity and data so you can stay focused on your strategy, products and user experience. Ola Arnrup Product Manager IoT

Trusted by the best

For two decades, we have helped leading enterprises succeed with pioneering IoT solutions. Learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with connected products.

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Built on Amazon Web Services

The Managed IoT Cloud platform uses core components of AWS cloud services to deliver a scalable, secure and reliable solution. Building on the strengths of AWS, we have enhanced the solution with functionality and innovation originating from our experience from delivering IoT solutions to world leading companies.

What does Managed IoT Cloud provide?

App Board

Easily create custom, branded applications for you and your customers.

Information Management

Effectively store, process and query large volumes of IoT data.

Communication Management

Maintain secure and reliable two-way device communication.

Device Management

Track, manage and send updates through a product’s entire lifecycle.


Streamline your embedded development with this optional software library.

Take a closer look

See how you can use Managed IoT Cloud platform to easily store and visualize insights from your devices. The solution has the building blocks you need to create an end-to-end solution, and works with all types of networking technology. You can easily use a built-in dashboard to view data from your devices, or you can develop your own customer-specific user interface through the Managed IoT Cloud API.

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