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Managed Connectivity is a secure, global IoT connectivity solution using cellular technology to manage your connected products and devices from Telenor Connexion.
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Our Managed Connectivity enable you to successfully launch, manage, and monetize your IoT products and devices. Seamlessly roll-out around the world with our standardized Global SIM. Once up and running, automated delivery and management makes operation and optimisation of your IoT solution easy and intuitive.

With Managed Connectivity, you have access to over 400 mobile networks globally, and our Global SIM allows the solution to be standardized, no matter where the product will be sold or used. To get started with Managed Connectivity, the product needs an integrated device for IoT. If you do not have an IoT ready device, we can help with this.

Global SIM

Global SIM cards are designed to withstand the high demands set by industrial IoT products. Our SIM cards are adapted to current standards and regulations; this makes the end product marketable and usable worldwide. A Global SIM needs a Global Subscription.


  • A SIM card tailored to meet your solutions requirements.
  • Option to customize the SIM Profile after your needs.
  • Customized printing and configuration options.


  • Different design options possible.
  • One SIM card regardless of where your product is sold or used.
  • Simplified logistics.
  • Improved branding awareness if your logo is printed on the SIM card.

Technical Data

  • We offer IoT SIM cards available in various form factors, including embedded SIM cards for higher security and slimmer design options.
  • Fulfill auto-grade standards.
  • Resistant to high-temperatures.
  • Have eUICC functionality.

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Global Subscription

A Global Subscription provides a Global SIM with access to mobile networks. A Subscription defines connectivity services for a specific SIM card or a group of SIM cards.


  • Various types of network access (PS Data, SMS, Voice).
  • Subscription management via Self Service Portal.
  • Tailored coverage profiles.
  • Access to 400+ mobile networks globally.
  • Possibility to change subscriptions states.


  • Allows to meet different geographical footprints.
  • Multiple networks give un-beaten coverage, reliability and redundancy.
  • Adapt your connectivity solution in real-time to ever changing demands.

Technical Data

Global Subscription is grouped into subscription packages. Each subscription package is a combination of different services defined for a group of subscriptions. The services are:
  • SIM card type.
  • Bearer services.
  • Coverage profiles.
  • APN.
  • Traffic bundles.

Access Point Name

Access Point Name (APN) is necessary for connectivity between the mobile network and the internet in an IoT solution. With APN the device knows where in the mobile network to connect to allow internet access.


There are three types of APNs to choose from:
  • Standard APN – suitable when only internet access is required.
  • Customized APN – offers customer specific name for the APN.
  • Private APN – used for a secure connection together with a VPN.


  • Possibility to use a company name for the APN.
  • Multiple SIM cards can attach to the same APN.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects the transfer of information through the internet and increases the security of the product. A VPN creates a secure connection between your data center and the IoT platform.


Select between:
  • Single VPN.
  • Redundant VPN – adds extra robustness.


  • Increased security.
  • Lowered risk of data loss.
  • Possibility to restrict data traffic.
  • High availability.

Short Message Service Center Account

Short Message Service Center (SMSC) account provides the ability to send and receive SMS between applications in the customer’s data center and the product.


  • Customizable capacity for number of SMS delivery attempts.
  • Option to select the address number used to access the SMSC.


  • Choose between short, long or alphanumeric address numbers.
  • Send SMS to all your products at once.

Remote SIM Management

Remote SIM Management (RSM) provides the possibility to remotely change a mobile network operator after the product is deployed. RSM gives flexibility to the product design since the IoT device can be placed where it does not need to be physically accessible.


  • Robust and resilient embedded SIM card for demanding environmental conditions.
  • Remote over-the-air provisioning.
  • Future proof UICC solution.
  • Possibility to change MNO service provider.


  • Limits need for physical maintenance.
  • Increases the life cycle of the device.
  • Allows slimmer design options.
  • Increases security by limiting physical access.

Technical Data

The RSM offer is based on embedded IoT SIM cards. Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) allows multiple operators to be defined on a SIM card and provisions to be performed over the air.
  • RSM is currently based on UICC v2 technology.
  • RSM uses a highly secure solution.

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