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Experiment with applications, modules and beta offering in a controlled radio environment coupled with live core network.
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The IoT Test Lab is specialized in analyzing the functionality of the IoT devices and products. In the IoT Test Lab, professionals test the customers product in a controlled environment to ensure reliable behavior when launched. It is important to detect possible malfunctions in hardware and software combinations early to eliminate any problems at the launch.  After testing, the customer will receive a detailed test report.

Our Test Lab offers different possibilities to test your product, device and application and is located in Karlskrona in Sweden.

Available test packages

Application Testing

Makes sure that critical applications are functional, and any security loopholes are secured. Application Testing is especially important where the final performance is crucial for the end customer, for example, during ongoing transactions and time critical transmissions.

Connection Efficiency

Verifies the interworking connection between the IoT solution and the network.

Network Compatibility

Verifies the interworking connection between the IoT solution and the network. This means examining that the product has correct roaming behavior, complies with network protocols, and functions if network coverage is unsatisfactory.

Antenna Performance

This package determines that the device antenna functions for all used frequency bands and radio technologies. It also confirms that the device works in different physical locations such as basements, enclosed environments, and open areas. Unsatisfactory antenna performance can cause the device to consume too much network resources, power, or not function on cell borders.


This package is used for deep root cause analysis. Troubleshooting extends beyond the normal test scope and should be used with an ongoing project.

Maintenance Release Regression

This package is a service for IoT devices that has been successfully tested, with focus on changing and adding functionality. The Maintenance Release Regression testing confirms that any changes or additions do not have a negative effect on the device.

IoT Test Lab product description

Detailed description of our Test Lab offering.
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