Utilities & smart cities

IoT is transforming the utilities industry, from smart meters that share valuable data and create direct contact with customers, to smart grids that manage energy production and distribution more efficiently.

IoT is also critical to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services for citizens. Connectivity plays a key role in meeting the needs of the citizens in operating infrastructure, information and transports, parking, waste handling, but also to conserve resources and limit negative environmental effects. Explore our IoT solutions for utilities & smart cities.


FirstView: Digital signage joins the IoT

The digital signage solution provider FirstView is speeding up their global expansion with help from the Telenor Connexion Global SIM solution.

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IoT trends in the utilities industry

Smart meters offer utilities a gateway into IoT, which leads to smarter grids and better customer relations. Explore the value chain IoT creates for utilities & smart metering industry.

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IoT for utilities & smart metering

What should utilities companies expect from smart meters and IoT solutions? Read this quick overview from Telenor Connexion to find out.

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