Transportation & logistics

Streamline the global supply chain with a connected ecosystem of vehicles, containers and freight. Explore our IoT solutions for transportation and logistics.


Scania: Rolling along smoothly

Scania Trucks manufacture connected vehicles designed to improve safety, performance and economy on the road. Explore how we help Scania offer superior connected vehicle services.

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IoT trends in logistics and transport – what you should know

From telematics to V2V communication, we take a quick survey of connected shipping and transport today, and look at where things are headed.

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Connected transport and logistics – a quick overview

What should fleet owners and managers expect from IoT solutions? Read this quick overview from Telenor Connexion to find out.

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Expand your business across borders with one single, proven solution

Explore the future of IoT and transportation

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Fleet management in the mix of a great and complex IoT ecosystem

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