Industrial manufacturing

With IoT business solutions, manufacturers have the power not only to improve and automate production, but expand their value chain with Product as a Service business models that connect directly with consumers. Explore our IoT solutions for industrial manufacturing.


Carpigiani: A recipe for gelato success

Explore how Carpigiani is scooping up added value and exceptional customer service experience, which adds up to sales growth with help from our IoT solution.

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IoT is transforming manufacturing – and manufacturers

Manufacturers who grasp the full potential of IoT are able to not only streamline production, but create entirely new business models and revenue streams. To facilitate long term, global growth and development, forward thinking manufacturers need an experienced IoT partner.

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IoT in Industrial Manufacturing – our quick overview

You probably know IoT is already transforming manufacturing, but the real use cases and benefits may not be as clear. Read our quick overview of how manufacturers can use IoT to transform their business.

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Secure IoT solutions for manufacturers – designed for easy on-boarding and expansion

Explore the future of IoT and industrial manufacturing

Why industrial manufacturing needs IoT

Lean production, new services and consumer loyalty – explore the future of IoT and industrial manufacturing