IoT solutions for transport and logistics

IoT is helping shipping, logistics and transport operators reduce cost and improve services. Explore how Telenor Connexion IoT solutions can help your business.

Our transport and logistics offering

Logistics and transportation were using connected devices long before the term “Internet of Things” was coined. To stay competitive, fleet owners and commercial vehicle manufacturers saw the need to improve performance with connected vehicles.

To answer that need, we were the first operator to build a managed connectivity platform and a dedicated support team for the logistics and transport industry. Over the years we have collaborated with prominent commercial vehicle OEMs and service providers, creating solutions to reduce risk and costs throughout the entire transport chain.

With a strong heritage from building complex, global solutions, we offer the transport industry seamless connectivity across borders and remote areas. Our end-to-end solutions provides a single point of contact, rapid global scalability, and ease of development and maintenance.

Why choose Telenor Connexion

Test Lab and pilot testing

We provide solution design including: planning, testing, and integration of secure VPN infrastructure and flexible IP addressing. We also offer our partners a testing environment for traffic optimisation.

Project management

With experience in complex projects with multiple stakeholders, we offer solution management for implementation and continuing management of large-scale IoT solutions.

Reliable and robust cellular IoT networks

Reliable both in urban and rural areas, cellular technology offers continuous connectivity as assets travel across the world. With well established international standards, cellular technology uses existing infrastructure, which means there are no new investment or maintenance cost involved.

Efficient and future proof IoT devices

To stay competitive, your business needs to stay adaptable to new technologies and market requirements. We provide IoT solutions that can integrate legacy technology, while staying flexible to the future.

High data security and fraud prevention.

Security is always a high priority. Our solutions are designed to protect against unwanted access to connected assets, and to respond quickly when threats are detected.

Real-time insight

Our customers benefit from Telenor ARTS, a unique Big Data platform for the collection and analysis of each network event generated by IoT devices.

Multi-network Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee reliable, high quality connectivity, built on our strong SLA heritage as a cellular operator. Since 2012 we have had provided our clients with 99,99% service availability of our core network elements.

Round the clock support

  • All customers have 24/7 access to our highly skilled support unit, with excellent tools for rapid prediction, identification and resolution of potential issues.
  • A managed connectivity platform to support connected transport
  • A groundbreaking global SIM
  • Support from our team of experienced, dedicated experts– especially in a complex, multi-country environments.
  • An experienced IoT supplier for the connected transport industry.
  • A global presence with insight into local markets.

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