IoT solutions for the automotive industry

From telematics to mobility as a service, IoT is helping automotive manufacturers offer more advanced connected cars and long-lasting bonds with customers. We help car manufacturers plan, test and roll out automotive IoT solutions around the globe.

Experienced innovators in connected cars and automotive IoT

As early players in the automotive IoT industry, we created a connected car solution where there was none before. We build a managed connectivity platform based on the needs we saw with our customers. This includes our industry-leading global SIM and patented e-sim card systems, which were both developed with connected cars in mind.

As the auto industry and connected cars have evolved, so have our solutions. In a fluid and ever-evolving automotive ecosystem, we are always ready to change and adapt based on the needs of our clients. Our IoT solutions are designed to incorporate legacy technology, as well as staying open and “future proof”. We support our staff in continual growth to not only stay up-to-date, but to be leading-edge innovators in automotive IoT.

Operational excellence leads to superior solutions

Over the years, we have developed solutions which ensure faultless operation over time – which is particularly important due to the long lifetime of a car. Connectivity expertise, highly acclaimed customer service and specialised IoT insight give our clients a competitive edge. Below are some of the pillars of our connected vehicle solutions.

Test Lab and pilot testing

We provide solution design including: planning, testing, and integration of secure VPN infrastructure and flexible IP addressing. We also offer our customers a testing environment for traffic optimisation.

Real-time insight

Our customers benefit from Telenor ARTS, a unique Big Data platform for the collection and analysis of each network event generated by IoT devices. This gives our customers the ability to predict issues even before they occur.

Multi-network Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee reliable, high quality connectivity, built on our strong, proactive SLA heritage as a cellular operator. Since 2012 we have had provided our clients with 99,99% service availability of our core network elements.

Round the clock support

All customers have 24/7 access to our highly skilled support unit localized in Sweden, with excellent tools for rapid prediction, identification and resolution of potential issues.

Project management

With experience in complex projects with multiple stakeholders, we offer solution management for implementation and continuing management of IoT solutions.

Future proof solution

Embedded SIM (also called eSIM or eUICC) eliminates lock in and keeps you open to emerging technology and allows you to remain flexible in your choice of operator.

Global connected vehicle footprint

With Telenor’s global communications footprint, our clients can scale globally. With our support, connected vehicles can seamlessly travel across borders and more than 400 mobile networks worldwide.
Via the Telenor universe, we have a local presence in key geographical regions, with insight into local infrastructure, regulations, geography and market trends. This includes markets that current strongholds for connected cars, as well as emerging markets. From development to deployment and operation, we offer an end-to-end solution for the global connected vehicle market of today, and tomorrow.

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