IoT Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

IoT is transforming the manufacturing industry, from automation to products as a service. We help companies plan, test and roll-out IoT solutions around the globe.

When we ask manufacturers what they need from their Industrial IoT solution, fast deployment, global scalability and rapid return-on-investment are always on the list.

We have a long history of working with manufacturers to achieve those goals with industrial IoT solutions based on well-tested best practices.

The connected ecosystem will disrupt the value chain for many manufacturers, with opportunities to transform business models and create new revenue streams. Our end-to-end IoT solution, covers all the technology and expertise needed from solution design, installation, connectivity management and optimization, so that our customers can focus on growth.

Reliable and robust cellular IoT networks

Cellular technologies are a good choice for manufacturers, who need robust indoor coverage and high reliability to avoid costly interruptions in production.

Factories packed with IoT-enabled machinery require high bandwidth at low cost. In many factories, machines were not initially designed to be connected and thus need to be retrofitted with sensors and connectivity, which means that the network set up must be adaptable to a mix of both legacy and new machines and be able to scale up easily as new machines are being connected.

With well established international standards, cellular technology uses existing infrastructure, which means there are no new investment or maintenance cost involved.

Furthermore, it comes with high security standards, eliminating the need to set-up and maintain private Wi-Fi networks, and provides high quality of service through SLAs.

Secure IoT solutions for manufacturers – designed for easy on-boarding and expansion

Based on a long history of collaborating with prominent manufacturers, we offer proven solutions that provide reduced risk and costs. Here’s an overview of the benefits.

Faster go-to-market

The end-to-end solution is quick and easy to set up and means less investments and strain on resources and allows you to spend time on the application and customer offering instead of IT.

Test Lab and pilot testing

We provide solution design including: planning, testing, and integration of secure VPN infrastructure and flexible IP addressing. We also offer our customers a testing environment for traffic optimisation.

Project management

With experience in complex projects with multiple stakeholders, we offer solution management for implementation and continuing management of IoT solutions.

Future proof solution

Embedded SIM (also called eSIM or eUICC) eliminates lock in and keeps you open to emerging technology and allows you to remain flexible in your choice of operator. Your solution is adaptable to a mix of legacy and new technology, so you can scale up easily as new machines are connected.

End-to-end security

Security is always a high priority. In addition to protecting customer data be protected, manufacturers need protection against tampering. Our solutions are designed to protect against unwanted access to connected assets, and to respond quickly when threats are detected.

Real-time insight

Based on Big Data analytics, our Telenor ARTS platform provides real-time insights into the performance of IoT devices and networks to give you a deep understanding of how your devices and machinery function in the IoT ecosystem. This means that you can predict network issues even before they occur which will give you a competitive edge towards your customers.

Operational excellence and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee reliable, high quality connectivity, built on our strong SLA heritage as a cellular operator. Since 2012, we have provided our clients with 99,99% service availability of our core network elements.

Global scalability and fast deployment

Flexible solutions allow you to start and grow without limitations – even at very high expansion rates. Our customers have access to 400+ mobile networks around the globe. Using multi network connectivity and a multi platform solution, redundancy is ensured on a local operator level, and our customers have the reliable service they need to roll-out quickly in any market they choose.

Round the clock support

All customers have 24/7 access to our highly skilled support unit, with excellent tools for rapid prediction, identification and resolution of potential issues.

A quality partner eco system

We offer a proven partner cooperation for seamless projects and deliveries.

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