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Explore Telenor Connexion´s IoT case studies and learn how our customers have leveraged connectivity to gain a competitive edge and create one of a kind experiences.



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Follow the IoT pioneers

For two decades, we have helped leading companies succeed with pioneering IoT solutions. In these IoT use cases, learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with connected products.

Outsource specialized knowledge and focus on your customers

Reduce vendor complexity with one partner for global connectivity

Mitigate risk with guaranteed service levels and data security

Speed up time to market with help from an experienced partner

Gain peace of mind with a top rated service team on call 24/7

Successful global IoT deployments require pioneering IoT solutions. Gain insights here how connected products unlocks value and delivers a competitive edge in these comprehensive IoT use cases.

We are working with many different verticals and you can read detailed IoT use cases with global managed connectivity solutions for verticals such as smart cities, utilities, automotive, industrial manufacturing, as well as transport and logistics.