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Telenor Connexion IoT cases

Explore IoT case studies and learn how our customers have leveraged connectivity to gain a competitive edge and create one of a kind experiences.


Explore how Volvo Cars provide world-class connected car experiences.
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Explore how Telenor Connexion is bringing new efficiencies to the global remote fleet management and administration service of Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM).
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Learn how Verisure provide their customers peace of mind.
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Ningbo Sanxing

Learn how two global leaders have come together to share expertise and create a more sustainable society through smart meters.
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Explore how Scania offer best-in-class commercial vehicle and fleet services.
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Explore how Visilion from Sony supports companies in their logistics to keep critical goods flowing.
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Follow the IoT pioneers

For two decades, we have helped leading companies succeed with pioneering IoT solutions. In these IoT use cases, learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with connected products.

Outsource specialized knowledge and focus on your customers

Reduce vendor complexity with one partner for global connectivity

Mitigate risk with guaranteed service levels and data security

Speed up time to market with help from an experienced partner

Gain peace of mind with a top rated service team on call 24/7


Learn how CardiLink is providing an IoT platform service that’s helping medical device manufacturers identify operational problems and save lives during emergencies.
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Find out how an intelligent system using connected traps monitors and instantly reacts to infestations in an environmentally friendly way.
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M2Cloud and Telenor Connexion have come together to connect the supply chain of South Korea’s leading pharmaceutical distributor to ensure vaccines and medicines arrive safely to health workers.
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Find out how global technology company Amber Group is using IoT and managed connectivity to enable a solution that is helping the Jamaican government tackle COVID-19 and save lives.
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CIMC created smart shipping containers that can connect on the move.
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Driving in the right direction to unlock greater innovation and benefits.
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Reinventing refrigeration with IoT

ISA optimized its performance and streamlined its processes by adopting IoT. Explore how they embraced connectivity and learn how IoT can be leveraged in similar ways across other industries.
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Find out how Husqvarna has manufactured innovation for the past 300 years.
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Digital signage solution provider FirstView is speeding up their global expansion.
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Manufacturer Carpigiani is scooping up added value and customer service with IoT.
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Bornemann provides their fleet customers digital tools to improve operations.
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Exibea is helping consumers raise awareness and save energy.
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Microwave Telemetry

By tracking migration, Microwave Telemetry is saving endangered bird species.
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Discover how Trax helps keep track of children and pets – anytime and anywhere.
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With an IoT-enabled climate control system, Swegon is selling air quality-as-a-service.
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Successful global IoT deployments require pioneering IoT solutions. Gain insights here how connected products unlocks value and delivers a competitive edge in these comprehensive IoT use cases.

We are working with many different verticals and you can read detailed IoT use cases with global managed connectivity solutions for verticals such as smart cities, utilities, automotive, industrial manufacturing, as well as transport and logistics.