IoT solutions for the transport and logistics industry

If you offer solutions for fleet management, telematics and asset tracking, we can help you serve customers across the global supply chain. Explore our IoT transportation and logistics solutions.

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What we offer

Based on our long history of working with pioneering transportation and logistics solution providers, we can help you roll out scalable, stable and secure connected solutions that meet your needs for coverage, quality and price.

Global IoT SIM connectivity with one point of contact

A ready-to-go, customisable IoT Cloud platform

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Global scale with one solution

Wherever your products, vehicles and connected solutions go, our Managed Connectivity solution provides you access to the best quality cellular connection, based on availability and the needs of your use case. Our Global IoT SIM cards can be pre-integrated to simplify your rollout, installation and lifecycle management.

We take care of all the agreements with local operators so you don’t have to. Using our extensive global roaming network, your connected solutions will connect to networks out of the box in nearly every market in the world. In countries where roaming is not available due to regulation, we can help you find viable solutions (including eUICC technology) together with our established localoperator partners.

IoT logistics and transportation made easy

We provide everything you need to successfully deploy and manage connected products and solutions that serve the global supply chain. Together with our partner network, we provide an end-to-end solution, from concept and design to monetization and operation over time. At the core of that end-to-end offering are our Managed Connectivity and Managed IoT Cloud. 

Managed Connectivity

Managed Connectivity simplifies the management of global IoT connectivity.
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Managed IoT Cloud

Managed IoT Cloud is an off-the-shelf IoT platform that allows you to take a shortcut to success with connected fleet management, telematics and logistics solutions.
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Trusted by the best

For two decades, we have helped leading transport and logistics solution providers succeed with pioneering IoT solutions. Learn more about their strategies, and how you can succeed with connected fleets. 


Explore how Scania offer best-in-class commercial vehicle and fleet services.
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CIMC created smart shipping containers that can connect on the move.
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Bornemann provides their fleet customers digital tools to improve operations.
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Sony: How mobile IoT is taking Sony’s smart tracking to the next level

Explore how Visilion from Sony supports companies in their logistics to keep critical goods flowing.
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Astrata take connected fleet management to the next level

Telenor Connexion provided managed connectivity to Astrata’s VanLinc. A platform rolled out for transport management in the rapidly growing Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market in Europe.
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Why do top transportation and logistics providers rely on us?

Mobile network connectivity for transportation and logistics

Mobile networks are well-tested and aren’t going away anytime soon. Our mobile IoT connectivity solution gives you access to well established global networks which use licensed radio spectrum, free of disturbances and congestion from competing networks.

Managed Connectivity allows you to conquer the complexity of IoT, we can help you simplify the development, rollout and management of your connected solutions. With our solution, your solutions use the best available mobile networks to securely connect to your network or the internet.

Why mobile IoT?

IoT connectivity technology requirements in transportation

Image source: "Connectivity Technologies for IoT", written in conjunction with Northstream (a part of Accenture)

Rising global traffic and public transport fuels growth for the main segments in transportation – connected bus and aircraft. Despite a low number of endpoints, vehicle endpoint solutions account for the majority of market growth due to the complexity of individual solutions.

Connected transportation entails use cases such as driver interaction, fleet tracking and predictive maintenance aiming to reduce vehicle downtime while increasing overall productivity. Such applications have complex technology requirements – reliable coverage in urban and rural areas, global connectivity crosscountry and cross-continental, positioning capabilities for location tracking, a high quality of service to ensure that assets do not “go dark”, and future-proofness of the technology.

The latter means that the devices have SIMs and modules supporting over-the-air updates to avoid the need for costly swapping out in the field. The advancement of use cases that foresee real-time responsiveness and analytics will additionally strain bandwidth requirements. Hence, the majority of deployed transporting solutions will turn to 4G/5G given low price sensitivity and flexible energy efficiency requirements.

IoT trends in transport and logistics

From location tracking to assisted and autonomous driving, IoT is transforming the entire transportation industry.
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A guide to the eUICC (eSIM) in large-scale IoT deployments

Unsure what the difference is between eSIM and eUICC? Where can it be used? And are there any benefits? Download our white paper to answer these questions and more about the technology.
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Fleet management in the mix of a great and complex IoT ecosystem

As the connected vehicles market begins to mature an ecosystem that brings together vehicle markets, connectivity providers, applications and the end users – whether enterprise or consumer – needs to be brought together.
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Smart shipping containers on the Silk Road

CIMC’s smart shipping containers report location and status in real time. Find out how Telenor Connexion keeps CIMC containers connected around the world.
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