How you should choose your IoT solution

Why you should work with us with connected utilities.

Key criterias for the choice of IoT solution in this industry

  • Data security and fraud prevention
  • Easy Plug & Play installation
  • Streamlined logistics and processes due to high volumes of meters
  • No site revisits
  • Reliability and quality
  • Low total cost of ownership (investment and maintenance)
  • Future proof solution with long lifetime


The benefits with a cellular IoT solution

  • Proven technology
  • The utilization of existing infrastructure, no investment or maintenance cost and/or responsibility
  • Streamline costs (terminal and communication needs) – meter reading only or hub/gateway solution.

A cellular solution enables higher flexility as a gateway possibility for smart home solutions easily can be added to existing infrastructure.

  • Inbuilt redundancy if the solution is built on a roaming solution. The solution will increase redundancy further if it also includes multiple technologies like GPRS, SMS, 2G/3G and LTE.
  • Possibility to utilize gateway solutions for smart home applications and add-on services
  • Possibility to change communication suppliers without physical site visits via embedded SIM
  • Based on international standards and possible to use around the globe

Telenor Connexion has over 10 years in the AMR/Smart Meter Market

Probably the best track record – long and wide experience:
• Long industry experience – over 10 years in the AMR/Smart Meter Market
• We have Millions of SIMs already deployed within Smart metering on a global basis

Operational excellence:
We know solution design: Integration, Secure VPN infrastructure, flexible IP addressing.
We provide a Project and Solution Management with experience from complex projects with many involved parties.
Maximize coverage for the lifecycle of the device by providing redundancy over multiple radio networks ( use a non steered SIM)

  • Long expertize in planning, testing, implementing, administrating/operating Managed Connectivity solutions in large meter rollouts.
  • We offer Test Lab and Pilot testing for traffic optimization.
  • SLA fulfilment and SIM security, cost control and fraud prevention
    • SIM: Logistics, Test Ready Mode, SIM types, profiles, packaging and distribution
    • Embedded SIM (also called eSIM or eUICC) elimitates lock in and ensures future proofness
  • All customers get access to our highly skilled 24/7 customer support unit with excellent tools for rapid prediction, identification and resolution of potential issues.
  • Via our cloud-based network analytics tool (ARTS) customers get access to real-time insights into the performance of their IoT devices and networks based on big data analytics. By this customers can get a deep understanding of how the IoT devices perform in the network and even predict issues before they occur.