Five criteria for your global IoT solution

Designing, deploying and operating a successful IoT solution requires a solid strategy backed-up by modern technology and best practices. Here are our five criteria for IoT solutions.

Over many years working with the Internet of Things, these are the five criteria that have served as the foundation for each of our IoT solutions. We help make your solution more successful and viable over time by following these principles from the start of each project.

Flexible & scalable – always ready, always expanding

Using out IoT services, you can start small and grow without any limitations as your business scales – even at very high expansion rates. For you,this means a flexible model where the implementation process is quick and easy, and allows greater scalability. You can retain the solution design and receive support throughout the entire lifecycle of the product – from design to operation.

We monitor capacity usage for individual customers and overarching architecture, around the clock, which means capacity will be seamlessly scaled up accordingly. This monitoring solution is inbuilt into our globally leading platforms from Ericsson, Cisco Jasper and Amazon and the data and alarms are then fed into our 24/7 Service Operations Center who supervises the capacity analytics and react to any anomalies or alarms.

Secure – Always protected

All our solutions have security built-in by default. Your solution is built with our “secure by design” methodology, including modern SIM technology featuring IMEI-locks, and dedicated APNs with endpoint isolation and VPN. Data from your mobile devices is secured via global encryption standards.

Encrypted data can be delivered via a VPN-tunnel, creating a dedicated data path from the mobile network to your premises. Information is always encrypted end-to-end from device2cloud. Additional security controls enable authentication, authorization, and accounting. This is done either through a hosted RADIUS server, or your own solution.

We take an active role in improving standards and best practices that strengthen the entire IoT ecosystem, for example by contributing to GSMAs IoT Security Guidelines.

Reliable – Always available

Our solutions include both local and geographical redundancy, which means the likelihood of a network failure or service outage is extremely low. Since 2012, our customers have had 99,99% service availability from our core network elements, and we continuously strive to improve.

Using our unique Big Data platform, we collect and analyze each and every network event generated by our customers’ IoT devices. By monitoring the traffic in real-time and applying data analytics, we can see the health of networks and devices, and predict how they will behave in the future. This means we can prevent issues before they arise to keep your solution constantly available.

Manageable: Always accessible

You can view,monitor and manage your IoT devices whenever you like via our service portal and via Telenor ARTS – our cloud-based network analytics tool. This provides you visibility and control on many levels.

The web-based service portal includes SIM management tools, real-time traffic surveillance, behaviour and usage alert functions, statistics,diagnostics, billing and support tools. Based on Big Data analytics, ARTS provides real-time insights into the performance of IoT devices and networks to give you a deep understanding of how your IoT devices function in the IoT ecosystem.

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