Webinar: IoT and the next generation of supply chains

Companies rely on real-time data to keep track of vital equipment or cargo in logistics. A new value chain is being constructed around the ability to accurately track not only the location of goods but also their condition, with sensors collecting information on temperature, shock and tilt as required.

With connected devices expected to rise from hundreds of millions to billions over the next few years, smart tracking is becoming a clear expectation for asset owners and companies transporting high-value goods. As traditional supply chains fight to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to real-time data is more vital than ever.

You should join this webinar if you would like to know what benefits IoT can bring to your supply chain and how real-time data will boost agility and build resilience in your logistics operations.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Why mobile IoT for supply chains
  • The Visilion case
  • How to scale up – IoT for global deployments

The live broadcast is interactive. Ask your questions to Erik Lund, Head of Tracking Division, Sony Network Communications Europe and Svante Svanberg, Telenor Connexion’s IoT expert within transport & logistics.

Watch the recorded webinar

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