Customer case: ISA · Connected Refrigerated Display Cases · Telenor Connexion

How fast can you take your connected products to market?
We helped ISA SpA go from concept to rollout in just a few months. Here's how:

ISA is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets for ice cream and pastry. With the goal of streamlining maintenance processes and optimizing the performance of their products, ISA decided to incorporate connectivity into a new line of gelato display cases.

ISA exports their products around the world, so they needed a connectivity solution that would work everywhere. By choosing to use our Global #IoT SIMs, SECO gained a single partner for secure, reliable mobile connectivity.

ISA worked with SECO spa to integrate connectivity and edge computing hardware into the new display cases.

ISA uses our Managed IoT Cloud platform to securely collect, store and analyze the data from their connected products. Using Managed IoT Cloud's developer-friendly APIs, Cogitel AB built a custom data-visualization app for ISA.

Earlier this year, ISA premiered their stunning new line of connected display cases. With our plug-and-play solutions, and support from our partners, the entire process took just a few months. Read more about our partner ecosystem here: