Job Position

Backend Developer

We are currently looking for a Backend Developer to our team

We are expanding our Technology Development team and we are now looking for a technically strong, skillful and committed team player to make important contribution to our Backend development work.

Who should apply

Would you like to work with the latest technologies within cloud and big data? Do you want to learn from and lead very skilled colleagues? Do you want to practice your expertise in the most modern design patterns and architectural principles? Do you want to get dedicated time and priority to develop skills in new technologies? Is your passion to make a difference, and thrive in creating value for the business and customers by delivering an IoT platform that turns events and into actionable insights? Are you a team player where you see the team is more than the sum of the individuals? Do you want to have the opportunity to see the outcome of you and your teams output in customer implementations across the globe. Do you want be part of an organization that gets access to services and building blocks, before the rest of the market? Do you want to impact the future services and features of the big cloud vendors like AWS? Would you like to work with leaders that inspires and shape the market of Cloud, Big Data, Real-time, Analytics and IoT – where your contribution is acknowledged on conferences and events across the world? Do you prefer to work at a company with the executive mentality and effectiveness of a startup, without the compromise of the financially profitable, mature business processes and organizational structures? If you answer is ‘Yes’ to several or all the above then you should apply for this position, as this is what you will experience as a Backend Developer at Telenor Connexion.

The platforms

We have two main cloud platforms that are already established customer products, these are based on state of the art software engineering and designed according to big data, real-time, scalability and cloud best practice & technology. These platforms are used for trouble shooting and to gain operational insights both internally and externally (ARTS), as well as our customer facing Managed IoT Cloud (MIC) platform for managing connected devices and their data. With the MIC platform our customer can build secure and scalable IoT solutions. Some examples of things connected to the MIC platform are heavy construction vehicles that enables real-time monitoring, geo-tracking, automation and predictive maintenance, other examples are customers within industrial manufacturing that can remotely administrate, monitor and trigger alarms and actions with respect to the flow of water or air. This allows our customers to offer new business models like pay by usage rather than upfront investments in hardware, this means you will be a player in shaping the changing markets of many verticals. The MIC platform is a strategic area for Telenor Connexion, and it has recently been benchmarked by an external agency where the platform was ranked in the top-segment.

The role:

As a Backend Developer in our Technology Development team you will deliver high quality code for the backend of our cloud platforms. Your code will follow modern design patterns and will feed into a long lasting robust architecture that is implemented using cost-effective and scalable technologies. In this role you will play an important part in the development of the MIC-platform and coming platforms, ensuring we implement the right technologies, in the right way, for the right purpose. We are working according to agile methodology (Scrum) with close collaboration to the business and customers. As a Backend Developer at Telenor Connexion we would like you to thrive in direct dialogs with customers and partners to understand the real customer use case. This means that in a flat and transparent organization you should feel comfortable to have the mandate to help partners and customers to adhere to best practice and design patterns that elevates the power of our horizontal platform. We also expect you to support the Platform and Backend Architects in translating high level business requirements into robust solutions and implementations, in a way that facilitates scalability, reusability and effective developing of new features, components and integrations of other systems. The platform spans a wide range of standardized communication and integration technologies and protocols. As a Backend Developer you are expected to be or become the Team’s expert in one or several of these. In addition to the collaboration with the Backend Architect, you also need to work closely with the Frontend team to ensure new features are effectively implemented across the code domains. You will also take part in team responsibilities like grooming of user stories and drive quality of the Scrum Artifacts together with the Scrum Master.

The Team:

The CTO Office consists of five departments; Product Management, Roaming Management, Project Management, Technology Architecture and Technology Development. The Backend Developer reports to the Head of Technology Development.

The Development teams consist of very skilled and senior Data scientists, Data Engineers, Software Developers and Engineers, Platform Architects, Frontend Architect, Backend Architects, Embedded Systems Architect, IoT Specialist, UX specialists, and Testers. The team (currently around 25 people) consists of a mix of in-house cloud experts and contractors all working tightly together with a one-team approach, sharing best practices and experience on a continuous basis. With dedication and commitment, the team deliver awesome customer products and critical business value by developing and establishing state of the art IoT-platforms, data pipeline solutions and Analytics tools. The scrum teams are all characterized by a truly inspirational, vivid and agile culture, where everyone chips in on urgent matters and help team members to quickly resolve blockers. Currently the Technology Development teams are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The Stakeholders:

At Telenor Connexion, we excel in technical know-how, customer centricity, having a thirst for making informed decisions and has an inherent executive attitude. The primary stakeholders of the Technology Development team are the product managers and system owners who possess excellent talent in balancing critical business value, the need of specific data and features with the complexity and cost of developing and maintaining it in a long-term perspective. Furthermore, a close collaboration with IT Operations fosters a DevOps mind-set that results in a shared responsibility, continuously improving handover procedure that strives to optimize the utilization of resources and expertise to operate our platforms in production.


  • MSc educational background with 4-15 years of working experience within Backend Development.
  • Very good Swedish and/or English communication- and presentation skills (verbal and written), preferably both languages.
  • We expect you to have experience in several of the following areas:Code and technologies
    – Node.JS / Javascript
    – AWS Services (but not limited to):
    DynamoDB, API Gateway, IoT, Lambda, IAM, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Kinesis.
    – ElasticSearch or other NoSQL (object/document storage)
    – IoT protocols like MQTT.
    – Network communications including proxy and gateways.Methodology and frameworks
    – Agile methodology with Scrum and XP
    – Test Driven Development
    – Continuous Integration and DevOps
    – Developing and using APIs
    – Functional programingArchitecture and data processing principles
    – Event based architectures
    – Time series data
    – Real-time device and data management
    – Serverless architectures based on AWS Lambda.
    – Understanding of Big data management principles;
    i.e. parallelism, server-cluster, shards, partitioning and sort keys.

    Additional qualifying experience:
    – Mobile Network technology
    – LPWA; LoRa, NB-IoT etc.

As a person, you are:

  • Team player by heart
  • Technical very skilled in programming
  • Respectful to everyone, regardless of gender, culture, authority level and origin.
  • Committed
  • Enjoy sharing technical know-how and good practice
  • Thriving in a cloud based data driven world
  • Taking pride in explaining code and implementation to team members
  • Always focusing on security by design
  • Responsible and business oriented
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Collaborating well with others
  • Proactive and dependable
  • Adhere to the Telenor Values in daily work and instill these values in the team (Make It Easy, Keep Promises, Be Inspiring and Be Respectful).

Application and contact:

If you feel that you have the skills and personality to take on this role and develop into your full potential, please do not hesitate to contact: Anders Bresell +46 709-335585 or

Please apply via this link.

Placement: Stockholm or Gothenburg

Deadline: The closing date for applications is April 26th, 2018. Recruitment will be ongoing so please don’t wait to submit your application.