Welcome to Telenor Connexion

Thank you for selecting Telenor Connexion as your global IoT connectivity provider. Our trial service gives you access to well established global cellular networks all around the world, free of disturbances and congestion from competing networks. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy 2G, 3G or the highest speed LTE, as well as Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks that allow you to maximize the battery life of your devices.

Start using your trial service

First step

Soon you will receive your 5 SIM cards (shipped as postal package) which include 100 MB of data, 10 SMS (per SIM card) and free access to the Telenor Connexion Connectivity Management platform via web and API interface.

This is a subscription-based service (monthly fee) and the SIM cards will be reloaded with 100 MB of data and 10 SMS, at the beginning of each month, until the subscription is cancelled.

The SIM cards are preactivated, for the customers convenience, to be used as a plug-and-play product (i.e. PIN/PUK/ICCID is not needed).


The Trial Service includes access to the Telenor Connexion APN at no extra cost. The IoT devices may connect to the IoT application in the customer’s data center via APN. The IoT devices receive a private IP address from the Telenor Connexion network.

Therefore, to connect a device to the Telenor Connexion network using 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE, the Telenor Connexion APN needs to be defined on the IoT device, carrying the Trial Service SIM card.

The Telenor Connexion APN: internet.cxn  

Service portal

The Service Portal provide you with a web-based application. With the help of this application, you can manage, monitor, define triggers and carry out evaluations on individual SIM cards.

The Service Portal can be access directly via:

The Service Portal User Guide can be found in the document library:


  • To keep control of your data and SMS usage, you can configure ”triggers” to get an email notification when your usage pass a certain limit.

For further details see document for Trigger Configuration.


The Trial Service also offer an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows the user to implement the most important functions of the Service Portal into the customers environment. The supported functions of the API enable the customer to manage, control and monitor the Trial Service SIM cards from an external system.

The Service Portal API Specification can be found in the document library:


The Trial Service includes 10 SMS/month and can be sent both as Mobile Terminated (MT) or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS. SMS sent from one IoT device to another IoT device, is not supported.

SMS (text messages) are relevant for wake-up messages from the customers IoT application (Application Oriented SMS) to the IoT device (MT).


Telenor Connexion provide support services via Email to a ticket system, which can be reached through the Support menu ‘Service Desk’ in the Service Portal or by Email to: [email protected].

Customer support is provided in English language.

Additional technical documentation can be found under the Support menu ‘Documentation’ in the Service Portal.

Technical documentation

International roaming (Coverage)

SIM specification

IoT device connection efficiency guidelines

Trigger configuration

Terms and conditions

IoT trial service

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