Telenor ARTS – Advanced Real-time Analytics tool

Via our cloud-based network analytics tool ARTS customers get access to real-time insights into the performance of their IoT devices and networks based on big data analytics.

What is ARTS?

Telenor ARTS (Advanced Real-time troubleshooting Tool Set) is a web interface running on a cloud platform. ARTS collects and analyzes big data streams and provides you with actionable and detailed insights. With ARTS you can predict network issues, create automated alarms, and identify new market opportunities.

As a result customers can get a deep understanding  of how the IoT devices perform in the network and even predict issues before they occur.

  • Real-time device behaviour and big data analytics
  • Analyses of network events
  • Prediction of issues before they happen

Identify, predict, resolve

Our world is full of connected things that generate large amounts of information. Until recently it has been tricky handling this data, and most operators can only say if the device is connected to the network or not. This is good, but not great. So, until recently, no one could really provide realtime insights to all this network data on health of roaming networks, issues that devices face in the network and interesting patterns and trends.


Based on real-time device behavior and big data analytics, ARTS continuously analyzes the network’s events and can predict an issue before it happens; enabling actions to be proactively taken and quality of service to be improved. ARTS collects and analyzes big data streams from the network and provides customers with actionable and detailed insights.

Key Benefits of ARTS

Operational excellence

  • Measures the quality of service across the globe
  • Predicts issues in the networks and automatically prescribes solutions

Proactive support to customers

  • Saves time and money with quickest support routines (from hours to minutes)
  • Automated alarms for peace of mind

New opportunities through analysis of Big Data

  • Identifies the best next-generation of hardware/software combination
  • Finds new market opportunities through data insights on the untapped potential of emerging markets

ARTS – Why would you use it?

  • One-stop-shop troubleshooting

    Single place to get SIM status overview directly from the M2M platform and live network feed.

  • Actionable alerts

    Receive automatic alerts to reduce any downtime as our Service Operations Center is already working on resolving the issues.

  • Prescriptive actions

    Possible next steps to resolve the error condition.

  • Predictive SIM in-trouble

    Identify other SIMs facing same issue in the network.

  • Real-time network visibility

    Get network feed for every past hour for up-to 48 hours depicting the amount of network activity performed by the SIM.

  • Spot the SIM on map

    Users can view an approximate location of the cell tower (base station) a SIM was/ is connected to when the location was sent by the SIM to Telenor’s network.

  • Usage KPIs

    Get global or country-specific usage patterns and act on any spikes.

  • Effectiveness of roaming networks

    Easily identify devices facing out-of-network issues.

  • Upcoming geographies

    Identify new countries where devices appear and have no coverage.

  • Device performance KPIs

    Identify which combinations of device hardware, software works best in the network

  • SIM performance statistics

    Overall view and analyze of if active and de-active devices follow the IoT device connection efficiency guidelines from GSMA.

  • Network performance KPI

    Clear indication of SMS and data quality of service

From a business point of view

Faster troubleshooting

You can improve reliability by quickly performing root cause analysis, speeding up your troubleshooting.

See the future

Be aware of a problem before it occurs and receive automatic suggestions on how to fix the issue.

Fine-tune everything

Identify the best combination of hardware, software and networks to reduce costs.

In full control

Monitor end-to-end infrastructure and react to real-time alerts.

Data-driven decisions

Access your IoT insights via a graphically rich user interface, providing every view you need for full control.

At your fingertips

Access your IoT insights via a graphically rich user interface, providing every view you need for full control.


Product description: Telenor ARTS

Detailed description of ARTS (Advanced Real-time troubleshooting Tool Set)

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Telenor Connexion has combined real-time traffic monitoring with data analytics for IoT devices and networks to reduce the risk of signaling congestion and improve operational performance.