A great place to work

The heart of our company is our people. We want Telenor Connexion to be a place that brings together engaged and talented people from a diversity of backgrounds.

Our ambition is to be a workplace with an open and welcoming environment where everyone feels they are part of our team. As an employee, you have opportunities to develop and grow and we invest in competence development.



When it comes to our benefits and incentives, we have everything you would expect from a large company, such as health insurance and retirement benefits. But we also offer way more than the basics. The purpose of our benefits is to take care of you physically, emotionally, financially and socially.

Here’s a taste of what we offer:

  • Stay healthy: Health care providers and rehab services will help you stay healthy and happy.
  • Travel without worries: Our employees are covered with travel insurance and can receive medical assistance where it’s needed.
  • Family focus: New parents get time off and are entitled to parenting money to help them enjoy this period to its full extent. (Varies by location)
  • Keep on learning: We encourage personal development and training programs that will help you do what you do even better!

Some of our coworkers

Having a growing customer base makes the billing process very dynamic.
-Tanja Solovej, Billing support

Working in an international environment and for a large group are great advantages.
– Luciana Widengren, Senior Legal Consel

There are so many interesting customers connecting their products in ways I could not ever imagine.
– Maria Silvander, Product and roaming manager

My job is to ensure that everything we are committed to building is technically feasible.
– Mats Blide, Embedded system architect and designer

I’m very proud and happy to have the opportunity in my position to spend time working with ECPAT, helping prevent child abuse.
– Ola Arnrup, Product manager and EPCAT team member

The best part of my job is when the cause of an issue has been found and corrected. Then I know that we’ve been successful!
– Patrik Hentzel, Head of Customer Service, Service desk