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Trax is a tiny GPS tracker which makes it possible for users to locate their children and pets at any time and from anywhere.

Most parents have experienced that feeling of fear when a young child wanders off at the playground or disappears during a trip to the supermarket. Pet owners have similar concerns making sure their pets are where they’re supposed to be. With Trax, a tiny and smart GPS tracker, parents and pet owners can monitor their loved ones in real-time from almost anywhere through an intuitive app.

The smallest real-time GPS trackers on the market

In the summer of 2012, a small group of Swedish entrepreneurs started working on a project that would give parents and pet owners the ability to keep better track of their loved ones. After months of hard work, the new company Wonder Technology Solutions (WTS), had developed Trax, one of the smallest real-time GPS trackers on the market, in both size and weight. The smart device and application made it possible for users to locate their children and pets at any time and from anywhere. Trax combines advanced GPS and sensor fusion technology to provide indoor navigation capabilities and more precise, real-time outdoor tracking.


Designed for smartphones, mobile devices, and computers, Trax enables parents and pet owners to stay connected with loved ones at playgrounds, malls, schools, amusement parks, walking trails, and just about any other place. Trax includes smart technology that sends push alerts when a child or a pet leaves a designated area, if the battery is low, or if the device is dropped or exceeds a pre-determined speed. The Trax GPS tracker can be located through a free app that features real-time tracking, safe zones, and augmented reality. The app is available in seven different languages and also allows for unlimited and time-scheduled safe zones.

Flexible work model and close partnership – key success factors

Telenor Connexion set up a Managed Connectivity solution for WTS. With this in place the company could successfully launch, manage, and monetize their tracker. The solution automates the delivery and management of mobile services to the Trax devices.

By partnering with Telenor Connexion, WTS could take advantage of Telenor’s integrated SIM card, which is one the smallest on the market. This enables Trax to be small enough to fit on a dog’s collar without being disturbing.


The solution offered matched the needs of WTS with small but many data sessions every month, as well as the outstanding multi-operator agreement.


Telenor Connexion offered a service solution that no other supplier could provide. That, combined with their very small eSIM cards, and their flexibility and understanding for us as a startup company, have made them the perfect partner for us.

Fredrik Danelius, CEO and Co-founder of WTS

Another benefit of the Managed Connectivity solution is that WTS can easily scale their operations as the company expands into new markets with new products.

By working closely together with WTS, we help them find new ways of how they can deliver to their customers all around the world, while at the same time keeping the price level low for the end-user.Thomas Strandin, Account Manager at Telenor Connexion

Trax has been launched in 33 countries around the world. Through the partnership with Telenor Connexion, Trax owners are able to use their devices in all of these markets without having to worry about extra roaming costs.




There are more than twice as many pets in Europe and North America as there are children aged 0–18 years old.

Most pet owners are very passionate about their animals and consider them as part of the family.

Source: Berg Insight, November 2014


Size does matter

Trax is one of the smallest GPS-locator products on the market, in both size and weight.



With Trax you can create as many safe zones as you need, without any size limitations, to receive alerts whenever phones you follow and Trax GPS trackers enters or exits those areas.

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About Wonder Technology Solutions (WTS)

Wonder Technology Solutions (WTS) is a Swedish innovation and product development company. WTS is committed to improving the lives of people by providing products and services with a high customer value that are reliable, fun, intuitive and smart. WTS seeks to revolutionize location-based services through smart technology and innovative design. WTS has innovated, designed and developed Trax, a small personal GPS-tracker that can be monitored on an App or web interface. Trax is specifically designed for children 2-7 years old and pets. These users require a product that is small in size, lightweight and doesn’t get in the way of play. Parents and pet owners require reliable products. Trax is designed with high quality components and smart technology that meet all the above requirements. Its appearance, features and functions are unique on the market.

WTS website

GPS tracking device market to reach $3.5 billion in 2019

ABI Research forecasts the GPS tracking device market to reach over $3.5 billion in 2019. In the report “Personal Location Device and Application Markets” ABI Research considers adoption of GPS devices and smartphone applications across family, elderly/health, lone worker, pets, and personal assets.

ABI Research on GPS tracking

Connected wearables

A connected wearable is a device meant to be worn by the user and which incorporates data logging and some sort of wireless connectivity. Connected wearables are already being widely used in professional markets. The exploding smartphone adoption, cloud services, miniaturized hardware, sensor technology and low power wireless connectivity have enabled connected wearables to emerge as a new promising consumer segment as well. The number of applications for wearable technology is vast. A number of device categories such as smart watches, fitness and activity trackers, smart glasses, people monitoring devices, medical devices and wearable computers target various market segments including infotainment and lifestyle, fitness and wellness, people monitoring and safety, medical and healthcare, enterprise and industrial, and, government and military. The market for connected wearables has entered a strong growth phase that will last for many years to come. Berg Insight estimates that shipments of connected wearables reached 19.0 million units in 2014. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 54.7 percent to reach shipments of 168.2 million by 2019.

Berg Insight Report, December 2014

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