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Carpigiani is a market-leader in the production of machines for gourmet gelato, better known as Italian-styled ice cream. The Italian-based company manufactures over 10,000 ice cream machines per year of which the majority – 86 per cent – are being exported around the world. Customers span from small ice cream shops to large global fast-food brands.

Due to often heavy usage, as well as hygienic requirements, ice cream machines have a need for recurrent maintenance which inevitably results in occasional downtime. To achieve optimal production, Carpigiani developed Teorema, a connected after-sales service system helping customers to protect their investment by optimizing maintenance based on actual usage. Since 2014, the service has been offered to customers as part of an extended all-inclusive warranty service called Teorema4U.

Global capacity, flexibility and price – the key ingredients

When Teorema was launched in 2007, initially in Italy and Germany, Carpigiani chose a local connectivity provider for the limited number of SIM cards needed to connect their ice cream machines. But, as the service expanded into additional markets, a supplier for each country became unmanageable and the need for a global provider became evident. Carpigiani evaluated a number of providers based on three key requirements: global capacity, flexibility and price.


Telenor Connexion came out on top in all of the three areas. They could help us to smoothly scale the solution globally, and at a competitive price, too. But perhaps the most important factor was the company’s flexibility in terms of SIM card volumes. Even though we were a rather small customer at first, Telenor Connexion was very accommodating and gave us the same attention as any other customer.

Giovanni Virgilli, ‎IoT Solutions Manager at Carpigiani

Telenor Connexion has been providing managed connectivity services to Carpigiani since 2010 and the contract was recently extended. By partnering with Telenor Connexion, Carpigiani can enjoy worldwide support for its smart, connected services.

Telenor Connexion’s global IoT solution, which is tied to over 400 mobile networks globally and which uses a global SIM, enables us to standardize our production. We now have a single code of device which fits any machine no matter where in the world it will be sold or used. As connected services become an increasingly important part of our offering, and an area that we invest significantly in, a global service provider is essential.

Giovanni Virgilli, ‎IoT Solutions Manager at Carpigiani

What’s the recipe for Carpigiani’s success?


By using Teorema’s smart technology and innovative services, the efficiency of each machine is improved. The data generated is used to comprehensively examine the state of the equipment and to provide the customer with a diverse range of service options, including predictive maintenance and cost reductions:

• Optimal maintenance to prevent downtime
By monitoring the life of the machine based on actual use, not time, users reduce the risk of downtime. The system schedules the substitution of critical parts only when necessary and based on the quantity of ice cream produced.

• The ice cream is 100% safe
Teorema identifies the user’s workflow and cleaning days. It indicates the correct amount of mix to add according to the wash cycle chosen. This helps the user to save mix and avoid washing the machine due to incomplete pasteurization.

• No waste, more profits
The system helps users to organize the operative management of the cleaning and refill cycles, based on actual consumption and production volume, to avoid waste.

• Environmental benefits due to less consumption
Energy Plus, a service within Teorema, knows all the details of the user’s production needs and can advise on how to save energy. It will always recommend the most efficient use of the machine, based on the business needs.

Today, more than 8,000 Carpigiani machines, comprising 300 models, are connected to Teorema. Another 4,000 ice cream machines are planned to be connected over the next two years. Carpigiani is currently working with Telenor Connexion to create a customized list of markets were the connected ice cream machines can be deployed. One of the key markets for Carpigiani’s future expansion is Asia.

Technology in focus


The work with Carpigiani is a good example of how a company in a traditional industry embraces new technology to lead the development and strengthen its position as market-leader. We are very proud to support Carpigiani as they continue to evolve their innovative and smart IoT services on a global scale. Eva-Lotta Lundquist, Key Account Manager at Telenor Connexion.

Innovation underpins Carpigiani’s position as a technology leader. A large percentage of the company’s turnover is continually reinvested in research, design, selection of premium components and equipment safety. Carpigiani’s area managers and engineers keep a constant check on equipment performance, providing vital feedback which contributes to improving the specifications and design of products.


400 networks

The Telenor Connexionr IoT solution is tied to over 400 mobile networks globally.

Carpigiani is a truly global company with customers in 94 countries around the world.

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About Carpigiani

Incorporated in 1946, Carpigiani quickly established itself as the market-leader in the production of machines for gourmet gelato. As the culture of Italian gelato spread across the globe during the 1960s and 1970s, Carpigiani began to expand rapidly all over the world. Since 1989, Carpigiani is part of the Milan-based Ali Group, one of the largest global leaders in the foodservice equipment industry.

Carpigiani website Ali Group website

The School of Gelato Business

Carpgiani University

The Carpigiani Gelato University is the world’s first university dedicated to gelato. Every year more than 6,000 people around the world are trained by top chefs, enabling them to become competent and successful operators in the gelato business.

Gelato University

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