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What happens when we work together?

When we share knowledge and ideas we make the world smarter, together.
Read the stories about the smart solutions that are making everyday life a little better.


IoT - A recipe for gelato success

With a managed connectivity solution for remote monitoring, the world-leading manufacturer of ice cream machines, is helping customers optimize operations.

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Trax – tracking around the globe

Stay tuned with loved ones

Trax, one of the smallest real-time GPS trackers on the market, enables users to track their loved ones around the world.

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Smarter healthcare

With a connected solution for remote monitoring of patients affected by sleep apnea, SRETT medical is making life easier for patients – while improving efficiency for healthcare professionals.

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A Greener Drive

Nissan LEAF is a zero-emission vehicle that emits no CO2 while it is being driven. Driving green is not only fun, it’s also important to realize a low-carbon society in the future. Let’s drive!

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Saving Costs and Energy

When buildings get connected energy savings of 20% or more can be achieved. Together with Regin we have developed a solution that helps customers utilize real-time data to optimize energy consumption.

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Energy in Mind

Scientific studies show that households receiving energy feedback save up to 25% of their energy costs. Eliq is a Cloud Connected home energy management concept visualizing your energy consumption in real-time, anywhere.

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My Connected Home

Telenor Connexion provides Verisure with secure connectivity around the clock for their smart home solutions.

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Rolling Along Smoothly

Ground shipping is a numbers game. More data about trucks and truckers means more ways to improve. By connecting vehicles with the head office, Telenor Connexion and Scania Fleet Management are making trucking smarter. Let's roll!

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My Connected Car

“We feel safe and connected, no matter where we are.”
With Volvo On Call car owners have mobile access to a security alert system, data tracking, door locks, and perhaps the most popular function, a heater control.

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A Carefree Childhood

When we partnered with Telcare, the goal was to create a mobile glucose meter, connecting patients to doctors in real time. The end result is giving kids with diabetes a worry-free childhood, and parents peace of mind. Let's play!

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For the Birds

Telenor Connexion is helping biologists to save endangered species. We assisted in developing a system to precisely track individual birds. Super-detailed information is helping to protect threatened animals and their homes. Let's fly!

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A Strong Foundation

Together with Hitachi Construction Machinery, we are connecting construction sites around the globe. Through close collaboration and intensive workshops, we continually evolve and improve both products and services. Let's build!

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Telenor Cloud Connect

Telenor Cloud Connect makes it easier for companies to realize connected services. Fredrik Östbye, VP of Business Development at Telenor Connexion explains how.

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Telenor Connexion is a part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest mobile operators.