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Get Connected!


Companies of all kinds are now connecting their products at an ever accelerating pace. We are talking about smart cars, smart homes, smart energy, smart healthcare and more. We help many of these companies get connected.

For these businesses, connected solutions open up opportunities to increase efficiency and introduce smarter ways of working, but the overall objective is naturally to stay competitive.

Connected products and services bring business value through:

  • Increased revenue opportunities – by adding new service offerings you can enhance the core product. Take advantage of new market opportunities and new revenue streams.
  • Improved operational efficiency – real-time access to monitor and manage remote assets help minimize down-time and improve your operational levels.
  • Reduced cost – save time and money by optimizing your business processes.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – engage with your customers in new and innovative ways.
  • Reduced environmental effects – help create a more sustainable society through for example, more efficient usage of connected fleets and reduced energy consumption.

Whatever your motives are, you will need a reliable and experienced partner to get connected.


Telenor Connexion provides connected business solutions on a global basis for various industries and applications.

automotiveAutomotive (Telematics)

We have been working together with car manufacturers to enhance safety and add new functionality since 1999. Connected services such as infotainment, navigation and remote diagnostics add further value to both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Base telematics (eCall, bCall, stolen vehicle tracking)
  • Convenience services (concierge, vehicle homepage etc.)
  • Internal services (remote diagnostics, remote S/W download)
  • Infotainment (streaming radio, map updates, web browsing etc.)
  • User-based insurance (reduced premiums, duty of care and efficiency)

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transportTransport and Logistics

Connected business solutions make the transportation of goods more efficient, safe and sustainable. Real-time and accurate information throughout the supply chain is vital for companies within this sector covering trucks, courier vans, trailers, rail cargo and containers.

  • Remote vehicle diagnostics (quality – by monitoring diagnostics functions, cost reduction – by monitoring diagnostics function, preventive maintenance)
  • Fleet management services (monitoring operational status of fleets, optimize route planning maximize fleet utilization)
  • Road-user based charging
  • Asset tracking (details about the location and condition of the actual goods in transit)
  • Eco-driving (more efficient and safer driving, reduction in fuel costs)
  • Safety/alarm functionality

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remote_monitorAsset Management and
Remote Monitoring

Telenor Connexion has experience of enabling connected services in many industrial segments. Connected assets such as machines and equipment provide vital information that can be used to maximize efficiency, optimize operations and reduce costs. In the process industry connected services are used to monitor assets to gain better control and optimize production.

  • Asset tracking (real-time data used to track the location of assets such as equipment, materials and spare parts)
  • Remote service monitoring (prevents downtime, provides direct access to a faulty machine in order to quickly analyze and possibly rectify any problem remotely )
  • Supply chain management and stock control (real-time information on environmental conditions, monitoring of stock levels and automated replenishment)

Read about How we help Hitachi track and monitor assets in real time.

securitySecurity and Surveillance

Telenor Connexion has been working closely with some of the leading providers of security solutions on an international level for many years. The security industry utilizes connected services to strengthen its offering of alarms and surveillance solutions to both consumers and companies.

  • Improved reliability (wireless systems work regardless of a power failure or cut wires)
  • Ease of installation (reduced installation time and cost, full flexibility of alarm location)
  • Cost-effective multi-national deployments
  • Enhanced product offering (push notifications, picture and video support, home applications services)

Read about How we assisted Verisure on their journey from home alarms to smart home applications.

greentechEnergy Management and Greentech

Connected business solutions contribute to more effective use of energy and to a more sustainable world. Companies and consumers alike benefit from improved efficiency, reduced costs and added value through for instance, real-time meter reading or remote monitoring and management of equipment and appliances.

  • Smart grids (intelligent energy networks integrated with real-time systems for steering energy demand for buildings, vehicles, industries etc.)
  • Smart meters (possibility to monitor and manage energy consumption in real-time, value-added services for consumers)
  • Smart offices and commercial buildings (optimize energy use for heating, air conditioning, lighting and other building functions)
  • Smart homes (make it possible for consumers to control security, heating, lighting and intelligent household appliances).
  • Electrical vehicles (cut carbon emissions)

Read about How we’ve developed Energy Savings Solutions together with Regin (smart buildings) and Exibea (smart homes).


Connected solutions, eHealth, will improve various aspects of healthcare. For the health care provider remote monitoring will deliver more cost-effective and resource-efficient healthcare, while patients will benefit from improvements in both patient care and quality of life.

  • Home monitoring of chronic diseases (self-used connected devices to monitor irregular heartbeats or cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, glucose levels in diabetes, and high levels of lipids or fats in the blood)
  • Assisted living (enhances senior wellness and preventative care through cost-effective remote in-home monitoring, personal emergency response systems such as emergency call alarms etc.)
  • Data management/Digital journals (provides health professionals with faster, secure access to patient’s medical information in real-time, improves patient safety by complete overview of clinical and medication history reducing risk of negative treatment).

Read about How we assisted Telcare in developing the world’s first connected blood-glucose meter.

consumerConsumer Electronics

Connected consumer products (also called Internet of Things) are becoming part of everyday life. For the consumer the richer functionality makes life easier, more productive and more affordable. For the manufacturers it provides opportunities for product differentiation (more advanced features and services), consumer relationship development and brand building.

  • Personal navigation devices (remote map updates, location based services, dynamic local advertising and point of interest services)
  • Smart phones and tablets
  • Digital photo frames
  • Gaming consoles
  • E-books
  • Connected household appliances (remote monitoring and steering, automation etc.)
  • Wearable technology (fitness gadgets, smart watches, augmented reality glasses, smart clothing etc.)
  • Etc.

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