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Why Internet of Things (IoT)?

Why Internet of Things?

So why do you need to consider Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity as part of your overall business strategy? To save cost, improve your service or find new revenue streams? The drivers and needs are different and depend on your company, role and responsibility.

Why IoT

David Holecek

Director Connected Products and Services, Volvo Car Group

“The opportunities with the connected car are almost endless, we constantly evaluate and integrate new functions that can create more value for our customers”.

Michael Peterson

Head of Communications, Verisure Securitas Direct

“We extend our offering through partners to create a broader and more valuable service offering for the connected and protected home. The customer can interact with anything from the door lock and heating pump to the ordinary alarm through our mobile app.”

How we work

How we work

Together with you, we develop connected solutions that fully leverage the opportunities of digital technology. Building a great solution requires a combination of expertise, insight and skill. We offer the services to take you from beginning to end.

How we work
Robert Bellwaldius, Chief Operations Officer

“Being a company solely dedicated to designing and operating connected business solutions is what sets us apart. We have more than 15 years of experience and over 5 million connections across the globe.”

Robert Bellwaldius, Chief Operations Officer

Are you looking for a complete solution?

Are you looking for a complete solution?

With Telenor Cloud Connect, we take you from A to Z. We help optimize your product along every step of the way; from design and development to continued operation.

Telenor Cloud Connect
Are you looking for mobile connectivity?

Are you looking for mobile connectivity?

Our global Managed Connectivity solution is designed to help you successfully launch, manage, and monetize your connected device business. The solution automates the delivery and management of mobile services to connected devices.

Telenor Managed Connectivity
Are you looking for a complete solution?

Are you looking for instant insights into your IoT operations?

With Telenor ARTS you gain access to instant insights for operational excellence. ARTS speeds up troubleshooting and even predicts problems before they happen. ARTS will also help you identify the best combination of hardware, software and networks to reduce costs.

Telenor ARTS

Industries served

We provide connected business solutions on a global basis for various industries and applications.

  • Automotive (Telematics)

    Connected services such as infotainment, navigation and remote diagnostics add further value to both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Transport and logistics

    Real-time and accurate information throughout the supply chain is vital for companies within this sector covering trucks, courier vans, trailers, rail cargo and containers.

  • Asset management and remote monitoring

    Connected assets such as machines and equipment provide vital information that can be used to maximize efficiency, optimize operations and reduce costs.

  • Security and surveillance

    The security industry utilizes connected services to strengthen its offering of alarms and surveillance solutions to both consumers and companies.

  • Energy management and greentech

    Connected business solutions contribute to more effective use of energy and to a more sustainable world.

  • Health

    For the health care provider remote monitoring will deliver more cost-effective and resource-efficient healthcare, while patients will benefit from improvements in both patient care and quality of life.

  • Consumer electronics

    Connected consumer products are becoming part of everyday life. For the consumer the richer functionality makes life easier, more productive and more affordable.

  • Your business

    Whatever your motives are, you will need a reliable and experienced partner to get connected.



Being smarter together! We view our partners as an extension of our team and collaborate on a long-term basis in both business development and the technical integration and development of connected solutions.

Our partners

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