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    Northstream – Connectivity Technologies for IoT – Executive summary

    Selecting the most suitable connectivity technology is one of the critical decisions that a company needs to make in its Internet of Things launch strategy. But making the choice is challenging with a wide range of technologies available for IoT, such as traditional cellular 2G/3G/4G, Low Power Wide Area, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. To guide companies towards the optimal choice, we offer a comprehensive white paper to help select the most suitable technology for each use case and industry.


    Download the report and read more about:

    • The key technologies; the main differences between them and the advantages and drawbacks with each.
    • Which are the most important factors a company should consider when selecting the right technology for IoT?
    • Application area and technology mapping; what is the best match per use case and industry vertical?
    • Actual case studies; how selected Telenor Connexion clients reasoned and made their choice.
    • Future outlook and predictions on how the technologies are expected to evolve.

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