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Telenor Connexion launches new “Smarter together” web

Telenor Connexion believes in a smarter and more sustainable world through the use of
connected services. The company has just launched a new website with the motto
“Smarter together”. The focal points for the new web are stories about how
Telenor Connexion and its customers together are creating solutions that make
the world smarter. Benefits for end-users as well as the people and the
knowledge behind the solutions are also presented.

“When we share knowledge and ideas we make the world
smarter, together. This is the basis for our new communications concept. Together with our customers and
partners we are creating a smarter society – every day. By bringing together
people, processes, data and things in new ways, we actually help improve
people’s lives, reduce environmental impact, create new revenue and add value
to businesses. This is the message we want to get across”, says Robert
Brunbäck, VP of Marketing at Telenor Connexion.

“We want to
show what is possible already today and how we can help companies realize
connected services, Brunbäck continues.

Telenor Connexion has more than 15 years of
experience in designing and operating connected business solutions. On the new
web the company shares stories about how they collaborate with Volvo Cars, Verisure,
Scania, Telcare, Microwave Telemetry, Inc., and Hitachi Construction Machinery.

Telenor Connexion is a part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest mobile operators.