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Telenor Connexion helps secure global transportations through agreement with CargoGuard

CargoGuard has selected Telenor Connexion as supplier for its end-to-end security solution for international supply chains. This enables CargoGuard to monitor, control and secure the complete logistics from the sender to the destination point in real-time.

The need for secure shipment and transportation has increased with the globalisation. Regardless of whether a company’s goods are shipped by land, sea or air, goods can be manipulated or exchanged, or they may not reach their recipient at all.

CargoGuard offers its customers tracking, monitoring and protection of their shipments worldwide. The company’s end-to-end security solutions help reduce transport losses, minimize the risk of theft and protect international transport chains from manipulation. It consists of CargoGuard’s own patented in-house solution and Telenor Connexion SIMs integrated or attached to the goods.

With this solution CargoGuard’s customers stay in control of their shipments in real-time. Customers always know the status and position of their cargo all over the world and can adjust logistic issues in the supply chain immediately without unnecessary time delays.

Under the new agreement Telenor Connexion will become CargoGuard’s European and worldwide connectivity supplier for existing and new projects. Telenor Connexion has worked closely together with CargoGuard to implement a secure, reliable and flexible M2M solution to meet CargoGuard’s innovative and high security needs within global logistics and transportation today as well as in the future. Moreover, the partnership provides the opportunity to expand CargoGuard’s solution to a larger worldwide footprint as the company expands its business into new markets and regions.

“We view Telenor Connexion as the ideal future-proof partner. They provided a very active, flexible and highly-skilled support team and delivery, which ensured a timely launch to our customers. Telenor Connexion’s experience and lifecycle view of enabling connected services was crucial”, says Dag Neumeuer, Managing Director of CargoGuard.

“CargoGuard is one of the most innovative companies for security solutions in global supply chains and we are very happy to partner with them. The agreement is an important first step for Telenor Connexion into the German speaking markets and strengthens our position in the security vertical”, says Per Simonsen, CEO of Telenor Connexion.

Telenor Connexion is part of the Connected City at the Mobile World Congress, where the company will demonstrate its lifecycle view of connected services together with long-term customer Volvo Cars. To book a demo or an interview with Telenor Connexion’s spokespersons, please contact
Kristina Grandin. Telenor Connexion, stand 3C2, Connected City, Hall 3, MWC.

For more information, please contact:

Manuel Mundl, Head of Marketing and Business Development, CargoGuard GmbH
manuel.mundl@cargoguard.com, +49 80 911 46 71

Kristina Grandin,PR and Communications, Telenor Connexion
kristina.grandin@telenor.com, +46 734 25 26 21

Telenor Connexion is a part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest mobile operators.