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Telenor Connexion committed to GSMA Embedded SIM specification

Telenor Connexion and other
leading players within the mobile industry embrace GSMA Embedded SIM
specification to accelerate growth of Internet of Things

The GSMA Embedded SIM Specification allows mobile
network operators to provide scalable, reliable and secure connectivity for M2M
connected devices that are often hermetically sealed, such as in the connected car
or in smart meters. It also facilitates over-the-air operator provisioning and management,
which provides service flexibility to end customers. The GSMA Embedded SIM
Specification promotes a common global architecture that will reduce costs,
drive efficiencies and further accelerate the rapidly growing M2M market, which
is set to reach 244 million global connections this year, according to GSMA

Read the GSMA announcement here

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Telenor Connexion explains the role of Embedded SIM for Connected Cars

Telenor Connexion is a part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest mobile operators.