IoT solutions for utilities from Telenor Connexion

IoT is helping utilities companies reduce cost and improve efficiency. Find out how Telenor Connexion IoT solutions can help your utility business.

Smart meter IoT solutions for utilities

Smart meter solutions save the utilities industry massive amounts of resources, as well as enabling better operational efficiency. We help utilities companies plan, test, roll out, and manage millions of SIM cards in smart meters around the globe.

Utilities need “set it and forget it” IoT solutions in the field – smart meters that will operate safely, efficiently and reliably over time. With over 10 years in the AMR smart meter market, we offer our partners a proven IoT track record and future proof solutions.

Low-cost plug-and-play smart meter installation

Smart meters are often located in remote areas and extreme conditions. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, smart meters must endure environmental impact such as temperature, humidity and corrosion. To keep costs low, we create solutions that are easy to install, and durable enough to minimise costly revisits.

Efficient and future proof IoT devices

Smart meters must be adaptable to new technologies and requirements over their entire lifespan. We provide IoT solutions that can integrate legacy technology, while staying flexible to the future.

To reduce the cost of powering all of those, smart meters must be as efficient as possible. The smart meters must supply the energy needed for the communication module.

High data security and fraud prevention.

Security is always a high priority. In addition to protecting customer data be protected, utilities need protection against meter tampering and energy theft. Our smart meter solutions are designed to protect against unwanted access to connected assets, and to respond quickly when threats are detected.

Reliable and robust cellular IoT networks

Cellular technology is the most common connectivity solution for smart meter deployments. A reliable technology, with well established international standards, cellular technology uses existing infrastructure, which means there are no new investment or maintenance cost involved.

Utilities can buy as-a-service communication infrastructure a cellular communications operator. Utilities also have the flexibility to change communication suppliers in the future, with no need to change SIM cards or visit the meters.

To increase data communication speed, our smart meter SIMs are be able to roam between multiple cellular networks in the same location, and incorporate multiple technologies, such as GPRS, SMS, 2G/3G and LTE.

Streamline costs by reducing terminal and communication needs with meter reading only or hub/gateway solution.

An easier path to smart home solutions

Smart meters for residential properties can easily can be added to existing cellular infrastructure. The direct communication link from utility to household enables new revenue streams such as smart home automation.

Why choose Telenor Connexion

Based on a long history of collaborating with prominent global utilities companies, we offer proven solutions that provide reduced risk and costs.

Test Lab and pilot testing

We provide solution design including: planning, testing, and integration of secure VPN infrastructure and flexible IP addressing. We also offer our partners a testing environment for traffic optimisation.

Project management

With experience in complex projects with multiple stakeholders, we offer solution management for implementation and continuing management of large-scale smart meter solutions.

Future proof solution

Embedded SIM (also called eSIM or eUICC) eliminates lock in and keeps you open to emerging technology and allows you to remain flexible in your choice of operator.

Real-time insight

Our customers benefit from Telenor ARTS, a unique Big Data platform for the collection and analysis of each network event generated by IoT devices.

Multi-network Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee reliable, high quality connectivity, built on our strong SLA heritage as a cellular operator. Since 2012 we have had provided our clients with 99,99% service availability of our core network elements.

Round the clock support

All customers have 24/7 access to our highly skilled support unit, with excellent tools for rapid prediction, identification and resolution of potential issues.

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